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Lindig Manufactuting Corp., no longer in business, started building topsoil shredder/screeners in the 1950’s using a flail hammermill design. Later, they added an upper rotary shaft with discs to make what is still the most effective topsoil shredding action available, especially with harder clay based and higher moisture content materials. [see hammermill schematic]. Lindig has not produced many machines in recent years so the availability of good used machines has diminished.

Lindig’s basic design consists of a portable heavy-duty steel framework supporting the engine, hopper, feed belt conveyor, hammermill, discharge belt conveyor, and optional rotary trommel screener basket. Besides the efficient hammermill, the other primary design feature used by Lindig is a mechanical drive from the engine to the hammermill which delivers maximum power directly to the pulverizing action of the flail hammers. Competitors use hydraulic drives which slow down under heavy loads while the mechanical drive of the Lindig, usually with reserve engine power, just keeps shredding.

Most Lindigs use all-mechanical drive trains. Some were made with hydraulic drives to one or both of the conveyors depending on what the original buyer specified. However, the hammermill is always driver mechanically.

The optional rotary trommel screener basket is self-cleaning. A round brush mounted on the outside rotates with the basket providing continuous cleaning as the nylon bristles poke through the screen openings.


Lindig portable models range from output ratings of 15 cu.yds. per hour to 200 cu.yds. per hour. The numeric portion of the model nomenclature reflects the output rating. For example, an LR100 is rated at 100 cu.yds. per hour, an L50 at 50, etc.

The prefix letters were CL, L, LR, and perhaps others. These somewhat reflect the age of a machine with LR being the latest.

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