The SOIL PRO is a portable shredding/blending/screening plant with the most effective pulverizing action of any machine made. The power of the SOIL PRO’s shredding chamber makes it capable of handling dirt, heavy soils, compost, and other difficult materials with ease [including high moisture content materials]. The material feed rate can be substantially higher than other machines. And the efficiency of the grind will be 95-98% . The finished material is a well pulverized, high quality product!


The SOIL PRO portable shredding/blending/screening plant is available in three models. Additionally, a "Stand-Alone" shredding chamber is available for bagging operations or other applications (please call for details on this model).

The SOIL PRO SP2400 has a 24" wide hammermill, 48 flail hammers, and 125 cu. yds./hr. output rating.

The SOIL PRO SP3600 has a 36" wide hammermill, 72 flail hammers, and 200 cu. yds./hr. output rating.

The SOIL PRO SP4800 has a 48" wide hammermill, 96 flail hammers, and 275 cu. yds./hr. output rating.

Please Note:

CAPACITY RATINGS are realistic for material which is not excessive in moisture.

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